Andy Mail

Dear Mr. Schlafly,
One of your goons, or maybe you, has pursued me off site to harass me about R…. I do not take kindly to threats of any nature and will ask that you to cease and desist this juvenile behavior and ask your goons to do likewise. From now on all communications are going to be saved and forwarded to my attorney.
Good day,
[Name removed]

[Name Removed],
Your allegation is completely false. I don't know why you think that your disputes with other people has anything to do with me. You don't give a reason and there is none. I have no "goons".
No one is communicating with you at my request or direction, and no one is communicating with you on my behalf.
Andy Schlafly
Mr. Schlafly,
Then reign in your SYSOPS, TK has been following me around at Wikipedia, and another sysop, I imagine its Karojou but am not sure. They have all ready had 3 accounts blocked for legal threats and harassment. If thats the face you want this project to have, fine.
[Name Removed]

[Name Removed],
Please read my last email.
I have no authority over the individuals you mention. If you have a dispute with them, or anyone else, then that is between you and them.
It would not surprise me if your conduct has provoked and injured many people. It is your responsibility to make amends for your actions. I cannot do that for you.
Don't waste any more of my time with your baseless allegations. Thank you.
Andy Schlafly

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